The Spikelegs (genus Neocnemodon) are tiny, all-black, Nearctic flower flies. The adults have round, smooth faces, lacking the knob-like facial protrusions of the somewhat similar-looking Cheilosia. Males have spikes protruding from the mesocoxa and some have additional processes of varying shapes on the metacoxa and metatrochanters. The tibia of the middle leg is swollen. The larvae eat aphids associated with various trees.

Elongate Spikeleg (Neocnemodon elongata) – Rice County – May 21, 2018
  • Neocnemodon carinata (Curran, 1921) – Carinate Spikeleg
  • Neocnemodon coxalis (Curran 1921) – White-faced Spikeleg
  • Neocnemodon elongata (Curran 1921) – Elongate Spikeleg
  • Neocnemodon intermedia (Curran 1921) – Midnight Spikeleg
  • Neocnemodon pisticoides (Williston, 1887) – Long-spined Spikeleg
  • Neocnemodon rita (Curran 1921) * – Black-faced Spikeleg