Genus: Spilomyia – Hornet Flies
The genus Spilomyia includes species that all resemble social wasps (Vespinae subfamily). The eyes, which have irregular dark spots and blotches over a lighter base, are characteristic of the genus. The abdomen is bare black (lacking hair) with yellow or white banding. The related genus Temnostoma differs from Spilomyia by the lack of spurs on the rear legs, and by the yellow transverse bands of the legs resulting from dusting (micro-hair). Hornet Flies occur in deciduous forests. The larvae develop in humid, moist wood in rot holes in living deciduous trees.

The genus comprises a total of nearly 40 species, of which eleven occur in North America, eight in South America, one in the Oriental region and 22 in Palearctic.

Four-lined Hornet Fly (Spilomyia sayi) – Goodhue County – September 17, 2014